Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Day!

So today is the last day of classes for me and the big wrap-up party is tonight. Yesterday was a long day but eventful one. I worked the education booth which was busy at times and met more people from Autodesk Education and learning, which we then went to a reception at Dos Caminos to relax and drink. They are a fun division I think within Autodesk. I also attended Pecha Kucha where one UC professor, Brigid, and Jeremy got to present of topics of their choices. Brigid discussed how it is necessary different disciplines collaborate while Jeremy discussed how we should be using the current technology as a tool within our design process. Excellent job guys!

Jeremy's Presentation


The rest of the night was left hanging out with people and going to Tao, which was funny to watch 40-50 year old autodesk employees dancing. We ended with Denny's.

This morning I went to my first lab which was absolutely amazing. It was very impressive. The lab focused on project newport, which is a real-time 3D story building technology for architectural visualization and presentation. With breakthrough game-engine technology, Project Newport is easy to use and enables architects to show their designs in context. They can explore design options, visualize changes instantly, and create vivid, immersive 3D presentations. Overall awesome and strongly encourage it for anyone who gets a chance.

Well its off to lunch, more from AU this afternoon.

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