Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AU Keynote

AU has officially started with a keynote address organized by Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk. Autodesk blew me away with the presentation. They discussed questions of What if? and What else? concerning how we can imporve software, modelling, decisions, and overall bettering design. Tom Kelley from IDEO also gave a speech about how we must act as anthropologists and architects to further our understanding and innovation for new designs. He was an incredible speaker and would highly recommend him as someone to go listen to. Jeff Kowalski, CTO of Autodesk, was phenomenal in his presentation. HE discussed where Autodesk is going in the future and how quickly and rapidly they are developing. He discussed rapid prototyping in terms of 3d printing and showed off some incredible works as well as the largest and most intricate 3d print of life size motorcycle. He also demonstrated how we can take pictures of buildings and a program can generate a 3d model of them from our pictures. It was amazing to see how a simple webcam and 3d mapping allows us to show 3d looking objects that we can orbit around. It was a phenomenal presentation with exciting works and am interested in seeing with how quickly this will become available. It seems like they are interested in pushing algorithmic design and getting computers to start thinking ahead of us and anticipating our decisions. They are truly creating software which allows us to anticipate flaws before we build them.

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